Location and Headquarters

Flims-Laax shares the Canton of Graubünden with other renowned resorts such as Davos and St-Moritz. It's ideal altitude of 1000m (3000ft) makes for a healthy and relaxing stay. Campers and staff are housed in a modern building, the "Riders Palace", ranked among the 150 best-designed hotels in the world. They sleep in spacious rooms equipped with 2 or 3 beds and private bathrooms. The camp, located only a few minutes walk from downtown Flims-Laax, is surrounded by excellent sports facilities and borders an alpine forest.

Flims-Laax is graced by both lakes and mountains and has all the sports and cultural facilities a camper could desire: Golf, tennis courts, a skating rink, swimming pools, lake, the Rhine river for rafting, sport halls, an inline skate park, football fields, via ferrata, an astronomy observatory and a whole lot more! Moreover, we continue to offer our traditional ski and snowboard trips to Zermatt.


Five mornings per week are reserved for English, French, German, or Spanish language instruction. Campers are assigned to an appropriate level class following a placement test. Campers therefore have the possibility of being introduced to a new language or of perfecting one already acquired.


Our meals are prepared by experienced chefs well versed in the art of catering to guests from many nations. Full meals are served to the table by our professional staff. Fresh local products combined with great new tastes help us create food the campers love. We are proud to make the quality of our catering a priority. Our Hotel Manager, Gilles Repond, is responsible for all the hospitality aspects.

In addition to the above, lakeside and mountain barbecues, special Sunday buffets, and formal dinner dances are also part of the programme.

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