Language course

5 mornings a week are devoted to language classes.

Courses are given for the following languages and levels:

  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish

Level 1: True Beginner

  • little or no exposure to the target language

Level 2: Beginner/Elementary

  • Comprehension: Can understand many simple expressions of everyday basic functions in familiar situations and sometimes identify the basic topic of a conversation in the target language.
  • Speaking: Can ask and respond to understandable questions and answers involving information above basic (e.g. Not only 'What is your name?' but ‘What does your father do?').
  • Reading: Can follow very simple stories or information texts.
  • Writing: Can write a few simple but connected sentences on a given topic.

Level 3: Pre-Intermediate

  • Comprehension: Can understand a normal conversation in the target language, though not in detail.
  • Speaking: Can produce the target language well enough to take part if spoken to carefully. Can also initiate conversation by asking questions on a range of everyday topics (e.g. sport, or food) and can function in most everyday social and practical situations (e.g. buying things in shops, going to the doctor).
  • Reading: Can grasp the full meaning of simple texts (e.g. instructions on a packet) with the exception of a few of the less common words, including understanding the sense of most basic (grammatical?) structures.
  • Writing: Can write clear short compositions using simple but varied structures correctly on a variety of non-specialized topics (e.g.. telling stories, personal letters, giving and explaining an opinion).

Level 4-5: Intermediate

  • Comprehension: Can understand well enough to hold a continuous conversation with a native speaker.
  • Speaking: Can produce the target language well enough to initiate new topics, change the subject, and generally take part in the management of the conversation rather than merely responding. Can manage all normal life situations with ease.
  • Reading: Can understand the majority of modern text and begin to respond to different 'registers' or types of writing.
  • Writing: Can produce fluent writing on a variety of topics, including arguing for an opinion, and can use complex sentence structures without many errors.

Level 5-6-7: Advanced

  • Comprehension: Can understand native speakers and can therefore take part in normal interaction on almost the same terms as a native speaker.
  • Speaking: Can produce speech fluently and with feeling and can use arguments to support a point of view.
  • Reading: Can use specialist books written in the target language to acquire specialist knowledge, can recognize and respond to different styles of writing.
  • Writing: Can write fluently and with relatively few errors, not only on any topic but also in a range of styles (e.g. narrative, formal argument, business letters, prepared public speaking).

Campers are assigned to an appropriate level class following a placement test.

A final test, with certificate will be provided to each camper that may be used to apply to boarding schools worldwide.